Italian Yum Cha

The Grand's beautiful Italian food               served Yum Cha style



One weekend a month The Grand's chefs hat kitchen will be serving Italian specialties in traditional yum cha style.

Imagine beautiful small dishes of to-die-for food being whisked around the room ready for you to choose. Italy meets China – why didn’t we think of it before?

When Marco Polo returned from China, he brought back pasta – now we have taken it a step further. In celebration of these two great cuisines The Grand is offering Italian Yum Cha. 

If you love Italian food and also love yum cha, think little steamer baskets opening to surprise with superb hand-made rabbit tortelli, divine crudo of kingfish, and a myriad of other Italian delights. Served in yum cha portions, we challenge you to try them all (although we doubt you’ll be able to)!


A Celebration of the two greatest cuisines



Saturday March 30th
Sunday March 31st

Saturday April 6th
Sunday April 7th

Saturday May 4th
Sunday May 5th

Saturday June 1st
Sunday June 2nd

Saturday July 6th
Sunday July 7th

Saturday August 3rd
Sunday August 4th

Saturday September 7th
Sunday September 8th

Saturday October 5th
Sunday October 6th

(Chopsticks provided)


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