Briefing Notes
Mamma's day


Please read the following. It will make your life much easier on Sunday.



Attached we have a section allocation and layouts for each room for the day. Please note which section you’re in and familiarise yourself with the table numbers in your room. If you are running food please learn all three rooms table and cover numbers.


Table numbers.

The table numbers in the Como and the Nesso will start at 1 as you turn left into the room and continue up (1,2,3…..) running clockwise around the room. Como room numbers will be in the 900’s eg. Table 1 will be 901 and so on. Nesso will be 800’s and Bellagio will be 700. If there is a table seated in the upstairs foyer it will be table 600.



The menu we are running for lunch will be a reduced choice a’ la carte.

- 3 courses $72 or 4 courses $84.

- If they choose 3 courses try to encourage them to at least share a 4th course in the middle of the table. Upsell!!

- They can mix and match the dishes from the first two courses (not mains). Eg. If they wanted to have the gnocchi butter followed by the rabbit tagliatelle that’s fine.

There’s a kids menu ($35). Loosely 12yo’s will be the cut off age. Use your judgement, let’s not get too many people upset.

We will also have a vegetarian menu for those people making poor life choices. The menu attached has dietary indications for those with them. For any other dietary requirements ask Branko or Jonny if you are unsure.


Table Tabs.

You MUST charge the course (3 or 4 courses) before ringing any of the food on the till. That is the rule for the day.

The reason being as follows – The buttons on the till, 3 course or 4 course, will have prices allocated to them. The actual food buttons will not. If you ring the food onto a table without putting on the course button then we won’t charge them, and as the table has no value it will disappear off the system. This is very very important. Please when you go to enter an order pause, take a deep breath, concentrate on the process and please don’t fuck it up.

Check your dockets

Did I mention check your dockets!


Bar Sections

The section bar tenders will be in charge of making and running drinks. Your first priority will be making all the drinks on order then if the drinks are still waiting you will run them to the table. It is also your responsibility to ensure that all the drinks you make are put on the tab.

If you are not in the bar but have time then please help the bartender run drinks. If you are taking drinks check with the bartender if they have been rung on. Let’s not miss any drinks.



Pass runners.

You guys have a fun day ahead. Please wear comfy black shoes. You will be running a lot of food. No leather soles please. The stairs get slippery. Please spend some time looking over the table plans and the menu. On the day you will get free red bull all service.

If you are not a food runner but have the time please help these guys out as they will be going up and down all day.

Make your trips count! Try not to go back downstairs empty handed.



Section Waiters.

You’ve all done Mother’s day a stack of times. It’s busy and can sometimes be a little frustrating with loads of kids and old people. Just remember that it does not last forever and when it’s over it won’t be back for another year. Let’s remember that a lot of people chose us as the place to treat their mum due to the reputation we work hard to uphold. Let’s make them pleased they chose us and show them just how awesome we are, especially in the madness. It’s a chefs hat experience.

Lastly but most importantly let’s all work together to make it a little bit easier and help a brother out if you see he/ she needs it.

Let’s have fun, get it done and enjoy the beer afterwards.

Any questions fire them at me.





HOST -                          Dave/ Barnie





PASS / RUNNERS -      Kye




DINING BAR -               Rhys

UPSTAIRS FLOAT -       Steph

COMO SECTIONS -      Jonny


BELLAGIO -                  Hayley

NESSO SECTION-        Olivia


UPSTAIRS BAR -           Matt

Floor Plans