Some questions for TripAdvisor

We love TripAdvisor and many of our guests dine with us as a result of reading about us on your wonderful site!

 We recently noticed when you searched for Richmond restaurants it returned results to include surrounding areas. This meant that a person searching Richmond restaurants would return results which includes not a single Richmond restaurant?!?! (see #1 below).

To narrow the search to only include Richmond you have to scroll down to click on a small link (#2).

Clicking on this small link reveals the real Richmond results (#3).

As we're at the top of the real results for Richmond you can see why we're keen for these results to be displayed properly.


  • Can TripAdvisor change their search to default to Richmond only rather than surrounding areas?
  • If this is not possible is The Grand better off being listed in Melbourne as there is no point in actually being part of Richmond? In the hopes that people will actually find us.
  • Are there any other options to fix our search performance?